Through our flagship program, we collect donated lab reagents and equipment and redistribute these items to scientists with good ideas, who are short on funds.


Meet our clients:

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Hampton University Cancer Research CenteR,

Hampton, Virgina, USA


As one of only a few cancer centers located within a Historically Black University, HUCRC is using cutting edge basic and translational research to learn more about cancers that disproportionately affect ethnically diverse and underserved populations.

Their current research objectives include determining the effect of proton therapy in African American men with prostate cancer compared to other populations. They received a CellTracks Analyzer II, a machine that will help them identify and study very rare cells- like cancer cells.

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Durban University of Technology

Durban, South Africa


The Department of Biotechnology and Food Technology received 1.7 tons of equipment to help support their ever growing student body. 


Fame, The foundation for African medicine & education

Karatu, Tanzania


FAME serves patients in rural Tanzania providing the community with an inpatient hospital, maternal health services, a mobile outreach program and medical education. We donated gently used shakers to their medical lab to   increase the number of blood tests they can process daily.