Your surplus equipment or reagents could make a difference to scientists in need.


Celgene, a biotechnology company

In 2017, Celgene donated over 2.5 tons of equipment including biosafety cabinets, centrifuges, plate stirrers and heat blocks. This equipment has been donated to scientists from Durban, South Africa to Hampton, Virginia. Celgene gave science!

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AstaReal, a fuji chemical group

In 2018, AstaReal, based in Moses Lake, Washington, donated laboratory equipment including a X-ray diffractometer that is headed toward Kenya to help scientists improve water quality in their community. 

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Paramount facilities

Randy Quinn at Paramount Facilities in New Jersey manages our equipment inventory and generously discounts our warehouse rent by 10% every month. Thanks Paramount!



Providing us with a free business account and $10,000 a month in free advertising, Google's got our back. 


Foley & Lardner, law

We are eternally grateful to Ann Sekel at Foley & Lardner! The firm has been providing pro bono legal counsel from day 1! Thanks Ann!